Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Imagine being able to hand over the management of your company’s printers to someone who does that, and only that. No more of your time is spent shopping, ordering, cutting PO’s, inventorying and installing toner or servicing your print, copy and fax equipment. We monitor your equipment and manage your entire fleet of printers. We change all of the toners and clean and service your machines for you. You only pay for the toner you use. All you have to do is Just Print!.

We use a simple polling box that collects printer data (pages printed, toner low status, and error codes ONLY) from your printers. This information is monitored via the web. As issues occur with your printers (error codes, toner low notices, etc.), we dispatch Technicians to handle them often before you know they have occurred. This is transparent to you, the client.

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